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"How to Think About War will have a broad appeal to academics in the fields of classics, history, and political science, as well as to professional foreign policy analysts, political thinkers, and military strategists Hanink has produced a noteworthy resource that introduces the reader to the principal debates in warfare and foreign.

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Your first book is Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War – I’m impressed a book from BC has made your list. To understand American foreign policy you have to understand what foreign policy and international relations more generally are.

Texts about military strategy take us back into the mists of time but what it is, and what the nature of war is, remains hotly debated. Antulio Echevarria II of the US Army War College talks us through key books, both old and new, on military strategy.

Interview by Sophie Roell. Weigley employs Lt. General U.S. Grant’s “total war” policy during the Civil War for this discussion. Although only explicitly discussed by Weigley as a policy during our internal Indian Wars, you could (if sufficiently immoral) consider the possible subsets of an annihilation policy like Reviews:   All that said, this book is a beautiful love story and is also quite War and policy book.

It might be weird to admit this but if I recall correctly the book nearly made me cry — seriously. This book may be “about” war, but it is, like most of these books, mostly about people.

Knight’s Cross: A Life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel by David Fraser. This book is intended to elucidate United States policy during the Korean War and policy book and to describe the strategies and command methods by which that policy was carried out.

The major decisions that determined the United States course in Korea and continued to influence the nation's responses to Communist aggression during the two decades that. This article on the Cold War policy of containment is an excerpt from Lee Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards Spalding’s book A Brief History of the Cold War.

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Vom Kriege (German pronunciation: [fɔm ˈkʁiːɡə]) is a book on war and military strategy by Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz (–), written mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between andand published posthumously by his wife Marie von Brühl in It has been translated into English several times as On War.

On War is an unfinished work. “This impressive edited volume updates one of the classic books on coercion as a tool of US foreign policy, bringing Force Without War up to the present day and providing key lessons for the future.

It combines statistical analysis with detailed case studies, written by noted experts, to show where and how military coercion can help achieve. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books.

My library. War Emergency Construction (housing War Workers): Organization, policies, transactions Volume 1 of War Emergency Construction (housing War Workers): Report of the United States Housing Corporation, United States. Bureau of Industrial Housing and Transportation: Author: United States Housing Corporation: Contributor: United States.

The Banana Wars were occupations, police actions, and interventions on the part of the United States in Central America and the Caribbean between the end of the Spanish–American War in and the inception of the Good Neighbor Policy in These military interventions were most often carried out by the United States Marine Corps, which developed a manual, The Strategy and Tactics of.

“The War on Cops is an important and timely book. Mac Donald’s clear-eyed analysis separates fact from fiction and provides keen insights into the politics at play and the consequences for law-enforcement officers and the communities they are sworn to protect.”.

Pessimism And British War Policy Pessimism And British War Policy by Brock Millman. Download it Pessimism And British War Policy books also available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi Format for read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

This analysis of Britains war policy during the last years of the Great War argues that it was strongly affected by a mood of. Wiliam Inboden's book on Religion and American foreign Policy is a good attempt to establish that truth contrary to the claims of its founders, that religion has always influenced the United States society and its foreign policy.

The cold war era'a containment policy was no exception and Inboden just takes out a sapmple period in the entire Reviews: 2. Based off of Colvin’s own diaries as well as over interviews with friends and family, Hilsum’s book pays tribute to her friend’s unflinching journalism without glamorizing war reporting.

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Clausewitz's On War (–34; Eng. trans., ) emphasized the close relationship between war and national policy and the importance of the principles of mass, economy of force, and the destruction of enemy forces.

Jomini, on the other hand, emphasized occupying enemy territory through carefully planned, rapid, and precise geometric maneuvers.

With Hannah’s War, her debut novel, award-winning screenwriter and film director Jan Elias berg wanted to give an unsung, brilliant female scientist her erg’s re-imagining of the race to build the atomic bomb brings cinematic scope, unforgettable imagery, pitch-perfect dialogue, and rich, complex characters to a compelling story full of action and unexpected plot twists.

Buy the best translation—recommended for serious readers. The Book of War (The Modern Library, February ). ISBN: Clausewitz's On War and Sun Tzu's Art of War in one translation of Clausewitz's On War is the version done by German literary scholar O.J.

Matthijs Jolles at the University of Chicago during World War II—not today's standard translation, but. Ivan Eland’s superb book War and the Rogue Presidency could not be more timely in examining in depth the history of the congressional-executive tug-of-war over U.S. security policy, how the imperial presidency has created and perpetuated major defense and foreign policy failures, why reclaiming congressional oversight is essential, and what.

Journal of Cold War Studies "Chen has taken some giant steps toward advancing the West's understanding of Mao Zedong's policies during the Cold War. His book is filled with new information from archives and interviews with former Chinese officials.

Foreign policy analyses written by CFR fellows and published by the trade presses, academic presses, or the Council on Foreign Relations Press. The cold war came to a grinding halt during the. Join today and start reading your favorite books for Free.

Create Free Account. The Wrong War: American Policy and the Dimensions of the Korean Conflict, Save for later; Add to list; The Wrong War: American Policy and the Dimensions of the Korean Conflict, Rosemary Foot.

Book by Jeffrey Mankoff. Publisher – Rowman says a new book about Russian foreign policy since the end of the Cold War by Jeffrey Mankoff, adjunct fellow for Russia Studies at the Council on.

"A substantial contribution to understanding the role of public opinion and the news media during the Iraq War. Equally impressive, it effectively puts the domestic context of U.S.

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policy in historical perspective, making the book useful to historians as well as to political scientists.". Education Policy as Culture War Max Eden Thirty years ago, when asked to define the purpose of public education, the president of America’s second-largest teachers’ union answered: “Public schools were created for the purpose of teaching immigrant children reading, writing, and arithmetic and what it means to be an American.”.

This book describes the evolution of French defence policy since the end of the Cold War. For the past thirty years there have been significant changes to French defence policy as a result of several contextual evolutions.

Changes include shifts in the global balance of power, new understandings of the notion of international security, economic downturns, and developments in European integration.

This book examines the use of military force as a coercive tool by the United States, using lessons drawn from the post-Cold War era (–). The volume reveals that despite its status as sole superpower during the post-Cold War period, US efforts to coerce other states failed as often as they succeeded.

In the coming decades, the United States will face states that are more capable and. Doing so would involve Japan’s Axis allies in war also, and we would thus enter the war through the “back door”.

The strategy succeeded, and Tansill maintains that Roosevelt in accord with it welcomed Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. The book is based on exhaustive research in. Indonesia is a semi-annual journal devoted to the timely study of Indonesia’s culture, history, government, economy, and society.

It features original scholarly articles, interviews, translations, and book reviews. Published by More Journals. A platform for analysis, commentary, debate and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens.Successful presidents do not need to come through the political process, but whatever their background, they need to be able to lead intelligently and to make sense of and mould the coalitions of interest—both domestic and international—that provide the opportunity to ensure the implementation of policy.

One of the most impressive non-politician presidents was Dwight Eisenhower, the. Post-Cold War U.S. Foreign Policy Has Been a Near Total Failure. Two New Books Look at Why. Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer are back — this time with dueling books .